The Words of An Angel ~ World Peace Context

The Spiritual Path to Divine Love & Unity Consciousness

A Poetess Prophet Speaks on Love,  Consciousness & Compassion

~   Sophia Kathleen Ann   ~

Peace, Love, & Joy on Beloved Planet Earth

  • Create a love-filled life

Deepen Your Spiritual Awareness of God

  • Follow Your Secret Dreams & Passions with Ease & Divine Guidance

Divine Love heals trauma ~ Cry your tears and talk to the Angelic Beings or God, they know your pain

  • Depression, Stress, Loneliness, Worry & Anxiety are symptoms of being ‘away from God’.

The remedy? Invite your spiritual masters & guides into proper relation

  • Unconditional Love is Divine in Nature, this will become your new paradigm

Insights from God, Jesus and The ArchAngels

  • Develop Compassionate Community with Loving Kindness

Ask to work with The Angels of Prosperity, The Angels of Love, The Angels of Peace, etc., as needed

  • Eradicate the ego, live a fulfilled life

Your true nature is Love

  • How Love can heal the ‘climate crisis’

Fast-track to Conscious Living & Enlightenment

Email orders to Kathleen Ann,

Words of An Angel ~ Book Index

Love, The Beautiful Solution.

Following Your Dreams ~ A Note from God.

Loving The Angelics in Your Own Way.

My Sojourn with Jesus.

Loving Words from Your Brother, Jesus.

Eradicating the Ego.

The Now Moments.

Elevating Your Consciousness.

Climate Change & Love & ‘The Shift’.

Reversing Climate Change With Organics.

Jesus on The Imperatives of Peace, Love, and Understanding in the Modern Context.

The Angel Poems –The Words of an Angel.

The 5 Pillars of Compassionate Community.

Concept for World Peace ~ The Parable of The Two Bins.


Words of An Angel & World Peace

This timely Divine Spiritual Booklet has been written by kathleen ann, (me) in an “ecstatic creative state” in conjunction with several Heavenly Beings and Spiritual Masters. Its appearance is deliberately plain.  This work was requested by Jesus.

It is 40 forty pages long and was written in approximately 40 hours, over the course of 3 days in September, 2014.  The book puts world peace in a context of personal and inner peace through spirituality.

The booklet is designed to help people commune with the Angels and elevate current spiritual awareness to the next level of consciousness, toward a Christ Consciousness state.   This is where individuals experience a heightened sense of Divine Light, Well-Being, Energy, Presence, Awareness, Peace, Unconditional Love, Bliss and Joy and other divine states which we know to be our spiritual heritage.


Book Excerpt:  … For true ‘success’ as we know it is not reflected in the trappings we associate with ‘worldly success’.   True Success and Prosperity are found only when you are aligned with your Creator.    This is where you will find answers to many of Life’s Questions.  This way, you will grow in consciousness and evolve quickly.    More peace, love, happiness and prosperity will naturally  flow into your life.   The *Ask and Ye Shall Receive* principle is still very effective.

This is God’s Plan and Desire for Us.  

Why you ask?    Because God is love.   Literally.   ‘Love energy’ is ‘God energy’ because God is Love.  When love is moving through you, God is moving through you.   We’ve all been in love, haven’t we?   <:>   This is the presence of the ever powerful energy we know as God. Some call this connection ‘Rapturous’ or ‘Ecstasy’ or ‘Nirvana’ or ‘Paradise’.   It has drawn many descriptions over the years but is now being recognized as “A  Blissful State induced by Heightened Awareness of the Direct Connection to the EverPresent Divine”.    God. 

God knows you, and wants to know you even better.  He’ll listen with you.  He’ll laugh with you.  He’ll respond, even if in whispers and mysterious ways.   You probably hear these whispers all the time.  Are you paying attention?   You should.  Put down your devices.   Talk to God.   For love moves in the most mysterious and lovely ways, does it not?   <:>   G.

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