a rant


the scarier the news

the more i snooze,

but not you.


i know you watch the news

i can see it in your countenance.

you tried your dreams

i can see it on your face,

but then the news came on.


the stink of it befuddled you

you went on your merry way ignoring it

the news media is a horror joke

you know this truth, but who cares


i care, fear is the stone they throw

fear keeps us down

keeps the rich, rich

keeps the poor, poor

turn it on later, you’ll see.


all the worst stories splashing on the screens

screaming murders, crime

accidents, arguments, war,

disagreements, violence,

disputes, polar opposites

crises, positioning, government power,

corporate power


“the media” reports all this

fear model obeyed

the government does nothing

they love the quiet desperate masses.


what about God power

what about that

what about people buying power

what about the asleep masses waking up

what about starting a facebook group

and force them to their knees.

what about that?


we’re too busy watching the news.


violent tv shows, violent streaming videos,

violent movies

this fear keeps us down, keeps us in the 9-5 paradigm

keeps the rich rich and keeps the poor poor


and the government allows it.


people go to work scared

never try their dreams

the fear engine growls all day

while we sip coffee and become more compliant.


i ignore the news. i laugh at them.

i only focus on my dreams.

i know that one razor blade in

a candy bar doesn’t mean

millions didn’t have fun on

hallowe’en, where is that story?


where is the fun in life if not on the tv?

real people being happy, where is that story?


what does happy people mean

to “the media”?   People who buy more shit,

but the media is just too blind to see the profit

in happiness


the masses are not dumbed completely down

we see this plot. and like in network, the movie,


“we’re tired and we’re not going to take it anymore.”


back off the fear model

run concurrent channels for crime and war and accidents

call it The Fear Channel.


Run all the happy stories everywhere else, we

want happy news and we are the masses

call it the Happy Channels.


Two streams of information, twice the revenue

that’s your goal right?


the enlightened can watch the happy channels

the unenlightened can watch the fear channel


i want my government to approve this.


why do i need to know who got arrested last night

or who got killed in a car accident?   have a public safety network

for all the ugly news, we don’t want it.


put all the car ads on the fear network

and all the organic products on the happy networks


yet even today the government sits

idly by, quiet masses don’t mean dumbed down

i call upon the government to kill the fear news poverty cycle

let us get happy and back to our dreams


we’ll be happier and more profitable

happiness is our right

fear is the last resort by the rich

to keep us all poor and today it ends.


create the paralell news networks, we won’t eat

your shit anymore. signed the masses of the world.


november 3/2015

Dateline:  Toronto, Act on Climate March, Quebec City, April 11/2015, Canada Wide, Victoria to Halifax

You will find it amazing to learn that “reversals” of the greenhouse effect is now possible, and underway, as many landholders and farmers begin to practice a powerful new system of agriculture called Regenerative Organic Agriculture pioneered by the highly acclaimed Rodale Institute.

Policy changers at the federal level now have no excuse.  They have the knowledge and power to shift all cropland to this model and reap the immediate benefits which are a staggering 40% reduction in worldwide annual CO2 emissions.  Shift all pasture lands to this model and we see a 71% sequestration of carbon, an amount which would please government officials trying to stay on track for worldwide reduction targets.

Do the Tar Sands executives know this?  Grassy Narrows 1st Nations would benefit from implementation of this system to protect their lands and waters.  As elders and natives, they know all too well the impact of working with Creator and Creation for sustainability. They had a water protection ceremony yesterday to do just that.   Rudolph Steiner knew this too.

Grassy Narrows website informs us that market innovators have long created a wide variety of “viable wood alternatives” for building and architecture and paper making.  This helps keep forests intact.   

The cure for climate change has been under our nose all these years as it turns out, organics. The Tar Sands pipeline running through Grassy Narrows lands, and thousands of other communities across this country, cuts forests into parcels where plant and human life is immensely compromised.   As well, unscrupulous resource extraction practices, including clear cut logging in Grassy Narrows, compromise life of all kinds. 

Through progressive agriculture practices, governments can now implement solutions that don’t exploit man or nature. Rudolph Steiner’s pioneering work in biodynamic agriculture years ago has led to this ‘new darwinism’ in climate change solutions and environmental management.  Biodynamics and organic agriculture are key to proper food production and provide a framework for the cure for climate change.  Steiner is the man whose work is helping protect the bees from extinction.

Distributed & decentralized Energy (WADE) is the answer to the Tar Sands Pipeline, not ripping apart communities and forests in the name of energy needs.  The Cure for Climate change is not complicated, we  ‘create the collective will’ through political and other dialogue, and collaboration, not continued unscrupulous practices that serve no one except business owners.

Climate remediation is inextricably linked to intact forests and organic agriculture.   Especially the Boreal.  Forests are the lungs of Mother Earth and provide free cleansing of our air, water and land.  This is an essential service to mankind especially as health care costs are spiraling and industry is supposedly scrambling to meet international emission reduction requirements.

Government tolerated logging and pipelines destroy intact forests, biospheres and other natural resources and tear communities apart that would otherwise be self-sustaining.  There are immediate and long term gains with new agriculture practices, gains that provide answers we can all live with.

Answers such as a cure for cancer.  Yes, forests are rumoured to hold a cure for cancer, something politicians will never be able to bulldoze into the ground in the name of progress.  – –

this has been a pre-release of this article for organizers of Act on Climate March.  It will be released again later in the week to local or national newspapers. participants in Act on Climate March (plus millions of caring citizens online with social media) @david Suzuki #ActOnClimate


The illusion of god graces my lawn

manicured, pencil straight

lush script of life

I love to roll on

You are of the old world now.

You failed in your attempt to dominate

your monoculture is killing us

your family, the plants, the trees, the fruits, the animals

we can’t live in your grass towers.

The bogs need you, the wetlands need you

wild grasses for tomorrow’s plurality.

One is not the other without Us.

The grass is nothing without earth, seed and sun

just dead like we’ll be

if we don’t get our grass in gear.


The 5 Pillars of Compassionate Community

1.   The absolute need to be in proper relation with God, ourselves, our family, friends, neighbours and others we frequently think about, within Compassionate Community, with loving kindness at the centre of all we do..

2.   Love thy neighbours and exude joy, inner Happiness, Health, Prosperity, Peace, Love, Bliss & Joy.

3.   Be a great communicator.   Be a proponent of Great Communications on all levels and you will know deep inner happiness.   The healing power of love freely offered is immense.  The foundation of love is HAPPINESS for all.   Speak your mind gently in life, always follow your passions and dreams, be creative and intellectually curious.

4.   God gifted us Paradise, not a sewer.   Adopt an “Organic Mother Earth” framework for clean, green living.  This is Mankind in proper relation with God & Nature.

5.   Corporate kindness.  All executives, donate half (50%) of your bonuses to a special OCAP fund for artists.  Also, the Granting of Crown/State Lands to those in need of land, a homestead and garden.

by genevieve kathleen ann, momentum.communications@gmail.com

Blog: New World Perspectives

TwitterMe: @greenwriters


~ for this is the way

of creation and play

devotion to spirit

everyday ~

Regenerative Organic Agriculture Reverses Climate Change

From The Rodale Institute:  “If management of all current cropland shifted to reflect the regenerative model as practiced at the research sites included in the white paper, more than 40 percent of annual emissions could potentially be captured. If, at the same time, all global pasture was managed to a regenerative model, an additional 71 percent could be sequestered. Essentially, passing the 100 percent mark means a drawing down of excess greenhouse gases, resulting in the reversal of the greenhouse effect.

Regenerative organic agriculture is comprised of organic practices including (at a minimum): cover crops, residue mulching, composting and crop rotation. Conservation tillage, while not yet widely used in organic systems, is a regenerative organic practice integral to soil-carbon sequestration. Other biological farming systems that use some of these techniques include ecological, progressive, natural, pro-soil and carbon farming.”  see more at Reversing Climate Change: http://www.nationofchange.org/how-organic-farming-can-reverse-climate-change-1398259448

Though gone vastly unnoticed in the main stream media, Iceland has been able to turn the country around politically and economically through a home-grown, grass roots revolution that ousted the government.

I’d like to see this kind of revolution here in Canada as Stephen Harper’s grip gets tighter and tighter on this nation.

Here’s a link that explains things further… http://www.knowledgeoftoday.org/2012/05/iceland-news-icelandic-revolution.html

Waterloo is the latest city in Canada that has dropped fluoride from its water systems, following Windsor earlier this year.

Calgary this past summer, and most of Europe before that.

As we come to learn more about this chemical, it is Fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6),which is one of two commonly used for water fluoridation.

These being the two types of fluoride commonly used,

Fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) is commonly used for water fluoridation.  This form of fluoride is a toxic liquid by-product, acquired by scrubbing the chimney stacks of phosphate fertilizer manufacture. Other names for it are hexafluorosilicic, hexafluosilicic, hydrofluosilicic, and silicofluoric acid.  The CDC approximates that 95% of our water is fluoridated with fluorosilicic acid.



Sodium Fluorosilicate (Na2SiF6) is primarily added to public drinking water as a fluoridation agent. This same compound is also used as an insecticide and a wood preservative.  It is a classified hazardous waste by-product of phosphate fertilizer manufacture which, if not put into our drinking water, must be disposed of at hazardous waste facilities.  Other names for it are Sodium Fluosilicate and Sodium Silica Fluoride
This form of fluoride is a toxic liquid by-product, acquired by scrubbing the chimney stacks of phosphate fertilizer manufacture.

Not some harmless organic common fluoride found in the earth.

Why are we being drugged involuntarily to fix teeth when we can simply brush our teeth?

When Fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) is present in the water, it is then present in our beer and wines, our juices from concentrate, most bottled water, and baby foods.

Is Toronto missing the boat on this one… What do the others know that Canada’s largest city does not..?



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